Explore the living world without leaving your home!

For many right now, our day to day lives have been disrupted. Plans have been put on hold, particularly in the travel department. Many people are staying home and practicing social distancing. You may be aware already about SoarFare’s Practice Vacation Contest that we have loved seeing how creative you all are!

The practice vacations have been a great escape and way to use our daydreaming abilities. But sometimes, we just need a reminder that life is still out there and the world is still spinning. We live in a time that we can be connected to the outside world while staying inside our home. Let’s travel to some of our favorite places with these Livestream Travel cams!

My personal favorite and some of the most relaxing streams are at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Their Open Sea Cam is just as relaxing as it sounds. If you need something with a little more excitement, I insist on watching their Sea Otter Cam. But they offer 10 different live streams in total, all of them are worth a look. Kids especially love these cams, and they offer great learning tools for some virtual field trips during homeschool!




As I was watching the otters play, I wondered if there were any live streams for any of my other favorite locations. Sure enough, there is a whole list of Livestreams for both places that I have been and places that I want to go!


  • Lake Tahoe - This remains a favorite destination for me. The mountain scenery eclipsed by the massive lake will never grow old. Some areas in this lake are so clear, that you can see 70 feet down!


  • Old Faithful - See this geyser erupt in real-time at Yellowstone National Park. They even offer predictions so you don't miss it! (Assuming it stays faithful)


  • Hawaii - If you’re longing for a beach scene, you can actually control this webcam and take a peek around Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. All the surfers did seem to be at least 6 feet apart.


  • Adorable Pandas - If the Sea Otters were not adorable enough for you, head on over to China and watch this Panda Fam play all day. Although, play is a very loose term here. They are mostly doing the same thing I am doing. Sitting around eating in their habitat with family…


Lastly, I am a fan of big cities. Personally, I have been looking forward to the chance to return to New York City to wander time square and see some Broadway Performances. With major cities being impacted I was curious to see what they are like now fewer travelers and residents on the streets. It’s quite interesting to see real-time views of empty major cities.




Or maybe you just want to get off this planet altogether. International Space Station

Author: Jamie T.