Why SoarFare?

Whether you're a new traveler, or an experienced world wanderer, we want to help make it easier for you to get there. We want to offer more ways to book flights, so you decide which option is best for you, instead of a one size fits all booking!

  • Breaks Up Your Flight Cost

  • Helps You Plan For Trips

  • Book Flights Your Way!

  • Share The World

Breaks Up Your Flight Cost

It's the simple solution to a simple problem! Break up those flight costs into more affordable payments, or always be building points so you can take that trip whenever you want!

Helps You Plan For Trips

Planning on a trip that you need to save up for? Great! Pick the subscription that helps you get to your needed points 30-45 days before you plan on going! Helps you build up for that vacation all while we go to work to get you the best possible deal!

Book Flights Your Way!

We make it effortless and so easy for you to book flights in a way that makes the most sense to you! Rather it be through our Subscription or Add’em Up programs to always be building towards a flight or waiting to Soar Now and book your flight the ol’ fashion click and pay now way! Now you are in control of how you book!

Share The World

We allow you to share your points with anyone you want too, with no cost or required subscription for your travel buddy! All they need is a SoarFare Account. Maybe you just want to help them with some of the cost, give them some points, and they can buy Instant Points to make up the difference! There is so much world out there, we help make it easier to share the experience!

SoarFare’s entire goal is to help you get out there and see the world! Rather it be planned or unplanned, SoarFare is a great way to get there!

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