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Subscription Plans

  Monthly Subscription Monthly Points Total Annual Points Annual Regional Flights* Annual Continental Flights* Annual International Flights*
New Traveler $20 6 72 1 0 0 Subscribe
Local Traveler $50 15 180 2 1 1 Subscribe
Seasoned Traveler $75 23 276 3 2 1 Subscribe
Jet Setter $100 31 372 4 3 2 Subscribe
World Traveler $150 47 564 6 4 3 Subscribe
Wander Luster $200 63 756 8 6 4 Subscribe
Horizon Seeker $500 150 1,800 9 7 4 Subscribe
Travel Guru $1,000 300 3,600 18 14 8 Subscribe

* Flights are at an estimated value, actual flight value will vary based off flight pricing and location factors

Why SoarFare?

Whether you're a new traveler, or an experienced world wanderer, we want to help make it easier for you to get there. We want to offer more ways to book flights, so you decide which option is best for you, instead of a one size fits all booking!

Getting Started
  • Pick your monthly budget by selecting a subscription plan.

  • Watch your points grow each month.

  • When you are ready to book a flight, log in to your account and search for your preferred flight.

  • Use the points you have saved to book!

  • If you haven't saved up quite enough points when you're ready to book, you can add what you need right then through instant points!

  • You can raise, lower, or freeze your plan at any time.

  • If you want to gift or transfer points, You can send any points you have to any other SoarFare user at no additional cost.

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SoarFare’s entire goal is to help you get out there and see the world! Rather it be planned or unplanned, SoarFare is a great way to get there!

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