With SoarFare Elevation Rewards, you will earn free points every single month you have an active subscription. We want this program to be a way to help you “Get There” even faster, with free points every single month, and double free points each year.

With Elevation Reward Points, you get far more than what you can earn from a frequent flyer card or even a savings account! Elevation Reward Points average 2.5% free points.

That is QUADRUPLE even the best savings account which only yields 0.6%. Elevation Rewards points are also far less complicated and accumulate faster than frequent flyer programs.


Chose the SoarFare subscription plan that helps you save points each month.


Watch your points grow each month and earn Elevation Rewards each month that your subscription is active. Your points never expire!


When you are ready to book a flight, use the points that you've saved and earned to book your flight.
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With Elevation Rewards earning you free points each month, there is no better time to subscribe. New SoarFare subscribers will receive 25% off of their first month! Use the code TRIAL25.


SoarFare’s entire goal is to help you get out there and see the world! Rather it be planned or unplanned, SoarFare is a great way to get there!

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