At SoarFare, we want to be sensitive to the fact that travel may not be on your radar right now. We know you look to industry professionals to keep you informed so you can make educated decisions. As such, we will continue to send inspirational articles, travel tips, and more to inspire passion for travel until you're able to take your next trip. Whatever your upcoming travel goals, our entire mission is designed to help you.

Track where you're going and where you've been.

From the classic pin map to modern scratch-off maps you can easily keep a list of places you have been, and places you want to go.
Many of us are dreaming about that next getaway. Here are some fun ways to plan future adventures, and remember past destinations.

Save for your next dream vacation...

SoarFare is designed to help ease the financial burden of your travel expenses. You’re always building points to break up costly flights into more affordable payments.
Because your points are added each month, you can budget ahead of time for upcoming trips. 
Your points never expire and can be used anytime. If you hear about a great deal on a flight, simply log in and book using your saved points. 
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Classic Pin Map

Sometimes simple is best. An all-time favorite way to track where you want to go and where you have been is simply by using color-coordinated pins. Inexpensive, yet elegant and fun. All it takes is a Map and some Pins.
Use any style of map to show off your style.
Or up your game with country pins or fancy flag styles. 

Capture Memories

If you are an experienced traveler, you may already have a great hoard of destination memories. Use this unique way to show off where you have been, and where you have left to go.

Scratch The Travel Itch (Literally)

An increasingly popular style of travel map (and the most fun) are scratch-off posters.
From national parks, to beaches, cities, and every travel adventure in between. There is no better way to keep a colorful record of all the places you’ve visited while keeping an eye on the places you still have to go. With several different design styles, you can find the perfect map for you! 

Save while you dream

Many of us are daydreaming of where we want to go next, and reflecting on places we have been. With travel starting to open up again, SoarFare users are getting a head start on traveling again. 
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