Many people tend to think of summertime as “Prime Travel Time”. Granted, a lot of that comes down to scheduling. School and work schedules are generally more flexible in the summertime, and more or less, the weather is usually cooperative during the summer months. However, a travel time of year that is often overlooked is the Fall season. This can be an ideal time of year to travel. A slower travel season will mean fewer crowds, and generally cheaper prices for hotels and oftentimes discounted activities.

  • Park City Utah

Park City is probably best known for the Sundance Film Festival and great ski slopes. However, if you visit in the fall before winter hits, you will experience a mix of charm, beauty, and fun!
You will never run out of things to do. Between all of the hiking trails, biking paths, water rafting, flyfishing, and even paddleboard yoga, you will find something for any mood.

  • Lake Tahoe

Both the North and South sides of Lake Tahoe have stunning views and plenty to do. With fall being a slower time of year, you won't likely have a hard time booking dinner reservations on one of the many lakeside restaurants or enjoying an evening of painting and wine tasting. There is plenty to do on the lake itself, including boat rentals, paddleboards, and even ferry tours! There is also a lot of history in Tahoe, my personal favorite being the tour of Vestholm in Emerald Bay. 

  • Seaside Oregon

If mountains and lakes aren’t your things, the small town of Seaside Oregon has everything you could want on the coast. The iconic promenade is the place to set the tone of your stay in Seaside. With most activities within walking distance, you will never run out of things to do! Classy wine tastings, 5-star restaurants, or even shopping at the Seaside Carousel Mall are great ways to pass time. 

This is a mere handful of places that I have personally experienced during the fall months, but I know there are plenty more noteworthy destinations. But as travel seasons go, fall is quickly becoming my favorite time of year to plan my getaways!