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-Alisa T 

❝ I fly locally about once per year to visit family. The airports I fly into are very small, so the cost of tickets are pretty high for local flights. SoarFare makes it so easy to set aside money for flights each month, then I don't have to use an entire paycheck for one flight.❞

-Razaki S

❝ All I can say with Soarfare you can go any place in the world, your patience is your limit! ❞

-Lloyd R

❝ Best and Awesome way to save for holiday for not too much $ spent on points each month. before you know you start to get enough points and there's not the hit of hundreds/thousands all at one time but a little at a time. Better then saving cash that u end up keep dipping back into lol 😒. 
Also I believe that points never expire so I really can't lose even though we can't fly atm we can be working towards it while we can't.
They are really responsive too if something isn't working right for you. Can't wait to go to Thailand again. ❞

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