Ticket Booking

Simply log in to your SoarFare Dashboard by clicking “Sign In/ Sign Up” in the top right-hand corner. Then type in the Destination Airport and your Origin Airport, The Dates for the trip, then click Search!
Not a problem! Upon booking, if you do not currently have enough points to cover the flight cost, you have the option to purchase “instant points” to make up any difference needed. We always want to help get you there!
Yes! You are able to use any points you have, even if your subscription is currently frozen.
Absolutely! When looking for flights, SoarFare will show you all available flights, times, and points for all the different airlines for the dates you have selected.
Currently, we are unable to use Frequent Flyer Miles from a Credit Card Carrier. This is a highly requested feature that we are currently working to implement in the near future. However, with most Frequent Flyer programs, you are still able to use your upgrade perks or get free in-flight items through the airline themselves.