Altitude Rewards

Just go to www.soarfare.com/altitude-rewards 
Easy! All you have to do is have a SoarFare Subscription. For every month, starting after your first month, you get FREE SoarFare Points based off your subscription level. As an added Reward on your yearly anniversary, you will get DOUBLE your average subscription level in rewards. 
Ohhh, this is our favorite question! Altitude Rewards are on average 4x more free points (money for flights) than even the highest savings account percentages. That means by saving for flights with a SoarFare Subscription, you are getting almost 4x more free money than even the best of the best savings, and those usually require over $100,000 in them. 
Well, sadly credit card companies are kind of stingy about there miles and how they let you use them (as most people know when we go to use them). One thing we actually learned from our Subscribers, is that they use there frequent flyer miles card to pay for there subscription. Such a brillaint idea! That way they are double dipping! They are geting the rewards through the credit card PLUS the Altitude Rewards with SoarFare... Who doesnt love double the savings?!
Simple! Just got to the "Dashboard" in the upper right hand corner on the home page. You will see how many points you currently have available and right under that, you will see how many lifetime Altitude Rewards Points you have earned. 
Absolutely! Altitude Rewards points just go into your general total every single month. You use them like your nomal points in anyway our system allows. That means to book upcoming flights, offset costs of upcoming flight, or transfer for free to freinds or family at anytime! 
YES! You can always get 5 free points for every freind that signs up for a Subscription! Just send us an email with your friends email address they used to setup there account, and we will add the Free Referral Points within 24 hours!